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Principles of Open Space Cooling
Performance of Open Space Cooling
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Supply Air System
Exhaust Air System
Design Considerations
Spot Cooling & Space Cooling
Positive Pressure Workspace
Air Change
Creating mezzanine floor workspace
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Illustration of Installation
Installation Approach
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Built-In Primary Filtration
The cooling media of the cooler is itself a primary filter. The honeycomb shape media with alternate lapping flutes are arranged such that the incoming air is made to change its direction as it passes the media. In doing so, the air-borne particles will be filtered off in two ways.
Inertia Mass Separation
When the air molecules change direction, the heavier dust particles can’t turn as fast and impact on the media wall, falling to the bottom basin.
Viscous Impingement Filtration
Through surface tension of the wet media wall, the particles are held on and eventually washed to the bottom basin. This is like the filtration capability of our nose.
Optional Primary Filtration
When necessary, an inner filter screen can be added to filter off the coarse particles before the air enters into the cooling pad.
This method however creates additional pressure drop to the fan and requires more constant cleaning. For these reasons, inner filter is not offered as standard component.
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