Harvesting free energy from the atmosphere  
Introduction & Principles
Principles of Open Space Cooling
Performance of Open Space Cooling
Operation Issues
Humidity Build-Up Control
Electricity & Water
Supply Air Quality
Supply Air System
> Cooler
> Air Diffusers
> Supply Air Ducts - Steel
> Supply Air Ducts - Rigid Urethane
> Booster Fans
Exhaust Air System
Design Considerations
Spot Cooling & Space Cooling
Positive Pressure Workspace
Air Change
Creating mezzanine floor workspace
Installation & Testing
Illustration of Installation
Installation Approach
Testing & Commissioning
Plastic Injection Molding
Plastic Film Packaging and Plastic Bags
Automotive Production & Assembly
Food & Beverage
Textile & Garments
Other Manufacturing
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Spiral air duct and fittings are made from mill-galvanized strip steel of thickness 0.5 to 0.7mm thickness.
Spiral air duct has several advantages:
Attractive appearance
Less pressure drop
Longer spans reduces hangers required
Eliminate the collection of dusts on top.
Rectangular air duct and fittings are made from mill-galvanized strip steel of thickness 0.5 to 0.7mm thickness.
Rectangular air duct has several advantages:
Simple and quick fabrication.
Allows easy on-site fabrication.
Easily paintable to suit indoor environment.
Cellduct is made from rigid polyurethane foam panel faced both sides with protective 80 micron aluminum foil. The material is light-density, non-toxic and fire retardant.
Cellduct has several advantages:
Easy to dismantle and clean.
Minimum load bearing on factory structure.
Virtually leak-free.
Lasting attractive appearance as surface
does not oxidize.
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