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In the preceding pages, we witnessed how roof exhaust and wall exhaust fans are used to transfer the air from the workspace to the outside atmosphere and how ceiling exhaust fan sends the air to the attic space.
Ducted exhaust system can incorporate two types of fans; axial and centrifugal. This depends on the static pressure imposed on by the air duct system and the air grille as well as on the amount of air designed to be exhausted.
Where the outside atmosphere is too far away, wall exhaust will not be effective and a duct system is needed in order to displace the air in the workspace. This is the ducted exhaust system.

The design of the ducted exhaust system is crucial. An under-designed system can cause the performance to be seriously impaired. On the other hand, an over-designed system can consume energy unnecessarily and generate excessive noise.


Exhaust System

can extract the air

evenly across the workspace and

send it to a preferred point of discharge

All rotating equipment
are equipped with vibration isolators.
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