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Introduction & Principles
Principles of Open Space Cooling
Performance of Open Space Cooling
Operation Issues
Humidity Build-Up Control
Electricity & Water
Supply Air Quality
Supply Air System
Exhaust Air System
Design Considerations
Spot Cooling & Space Cooling
Positive Pressure Workspace
Air Change
Creating mezzanine floor workspace
Installation & Testing
Illustration of Installation
Installation Approach
Testing & Commissioning
Plastic Injection Molding
Plastic Film Packaging and Plastic Bags
Automotive Production & Assembly
Food & Beverage
Textile & Garments
Other Manufacturing
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Modular, Compact & Light
  enables you to build-up your cooling system line by line.
Pre-fabricated for quick & easy
installation on site
Waterline open space cooling system is designed such that minimum disruption to your operation during installation. This is achieved by standardization of most components that form the system.
Guaranteed leak-free installation
Where opening is made on roof for mounting of cooler, Waterline offers the Roof Opening Cover and Extended Roof Opening Cover methods, which both are highly reliable in terms of secure mounting and leak-free installation.
Engineered for safety of plant &
human assets
Waterline’s design on ductwork suspension takes into serious consideration of all safety aspects. The integrity built-in for the safety of your plant and human assets cannot be compromised.
Engineered for High Performance
Waterline’s design is aimed at high performance in terms of maximum cooling effect and minimum air loss due to leakage. For this, use of spiral round duct and proper design of internal guide vane is important.
Roof Opening Cover Design
Waterline’s Roof Opening Cover Design comes in two types; Isolated Roof Opening Cover Design and Extended Roof Opening Cover Design. They both use over-lapping technique in the construction of the sheet metal support and cover.
The over-lapping technique enables the rain water flows in the direction where the water pressure is not directly on to the sealant applied. That way, the reliability of the system is not made to totally depend on the sealant. The sealant will become the second layer of protection instead and will have much longer life.
Isolated Roof Opening Cover Design uses some kind of flexible synthetic membrane to seal the opening whilst the Extended Roof Opening Cover Design uses additional metal sheets for extending up to and under the roof line to seal the opening.
Both methods are reliable but the Extended Roof Opening Cover Design provides higher assurance in longer term.
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