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Plastic Injection Molding  
Open Space Cooling is most suitable for use in a plastic injection molding workspace. The close proximity of the operator to the heater of the machine subject the worker to high heat stress especially during the hotter months. The use of wall fans does not improve the situation since the air blown to the worker is still hot air.
Open Space Cooling is best designed for spot cooling in a plastic injection molding workspace. Fresh and cool air is directly delivered onto the worker continuously by a dedicated air diffuser. Since the molding machines are typically laid out in a row, it makes easy for the air diffusers to be installed along the air distribution header duct. This distribution header duct is run along side a wall or columns making it free-from-obstruction to the overhead crane.
Waterline air diffuser Model PR350 and PR450 are designed primarily for plastic injection molding workspace. Constructed with a motorized sweeping set of vanes, the diffuser can ‘sweep’ the passage between two molding machines with sufficient air to cool whole passage where the operator is and at the same time avoid blowing the cool air onto the heater.
If the entire molding workspace is needed to be enclosed to prevent any infiltration of outside contaminants affecting to the products, Open Space Cooling system together with a mechanical exhaust air system can be installed. That way, an air change is created within the enclosed workspace continuously bringing in cool fresh and filtered air and pushing out all hot and contaminated air.
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