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Plastic Film Packaging and Plastic Bags  
Open Space Cooling is already widely used in plastic film printing and lamination to overcome the several problems currently encountered with the air quality inside the workspace.
Due to the necessity for an enclosed environment in plastic film printing and lamination workspace, the inside condition is very hot and intoxicated. The intoxication comes from the solvent gas that cannot be 100% contained within the local exhaust system of the machine and hence spill over to the work environment is inevitable.
Attempt to exhaust the air from the workspace by just installing exhaust fans creates another problem where outside air will bound to infiltrate
he workspace. Since the workspace is now negatively pressured, dust and insects will be induced into the hygiene sensitive environment.
Open Space Cooling overcome the problems by continuously bringing sufficient of fresh, cool and filtered air and at the same time this air is being exhausted. That way, a positive pressure environment can also be maintained to prevent outside air infiltration. Also that way, the heat is eliminated and solvent smell is diluted and rejected by the air change created within.
Open Space Cooling in the case of plastic film printing and lamination environment is best designed for Spot-Space Cooling.
Product Cooling in Plastic Bag Production
Open Space Cooling has also been successfully applied to product cooling in plastic bag manufacturing. A portion of cool air from the air distribution header duct can be sent to the ‘cooling ring’ of the bag making machine in place of the ambient air. In doing so, the paper bag sheet tend to be more thickness and color consistent due to the enhanced cooling effect. Also, it has been tested that the speed of production is also increased.
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