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How It Cools

The evaporative air cooler's main components functions as follows
A pump circulates water to keep the cooling pad wet.
A fan continuously draw the air in from outside.
A large amount of water evaporation occurs at the cooling pad.
The air inside the cooler becomes cool.
The same fan sends the cooled air to the workspace.

The System

The modern evaporative heat exchanger features self-cleaning and incorporates a UV sterilizer killing the harmful bacteria, if any in the incoming water.
The cooled and filtered air is delivered by the cooler fan to the workspace through an air duct system to where it is needed.

The Science

In the atmosphere,“latent” or “hidden” energy exists. One of the forms is the latent heat of evaporation.

When water is made to change its state from liquid to vapor, the watermolecules break their hydrogen bonds, a process that calls for tremendous heat. This heat naturally comes from the latent energy of the atmosphere.

It is this natural release of heat by the air that causes it to be cool.

This the principle on which evaporative air cooler works.

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