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Net Temperature Reduction
In reality, Open Space Cooling can reduce the temperature of the workspace by appreciably more than the difference between outside air and supply air temperature. This is because an air change is created at the same time pushing out all additional heat.
In the above left-hand-side illustration, the temperature of the workspace is usually 2-3 0C higher than the outside temperature due to radiation from the roof and wall. So the workspace temperature is say 38 0C and RH 49%.
A supply air temperature of 29 0C can be achieved when the outside conditions are 35 0C and RH 49%.
Therefore, the net temperature reduction is 38 0C -290C = 9 0C .
When the workspace has heat source present, like in the case of the above right-hand-side illustration, the workspace temperature can be say 40 0C @ 49%.
By the same explanation on the left, this added heat source from the manufacturing process as well as the radiated heat from roof and wall can all be greatly reduced through air change.
Open Space Cooling working on the premise of exhausting out almost all the supply air brought into the workspace can create an appreciably high net reduction in workspace temperature.
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