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Since almost all food and beverage production spaces are enclosed for hygiene reason, this poses a problem of high heat stress for operators working inside. Sometime there also exist a problem of air contamination resulting from the production process, like oil vapor and steam emission.
High heat condition inside the enclosed area affects most to the sedentary workers such those working on inspection and QC in the flow production line.
Also at the raw materials preparation, mixing, frying and cooking, even the operators are not sedentary, will be similarly subject to constant
heat stress. Where oven and retort are present, the intermittent exposure of the operator to that level of heat can also be un-tolerable.
Open Space Cooling is able to provide a solution to the heat stress problems in all areas of the food and beverage workspace. Open Space Cooling continuously bring in large volume of fresh, cool and filtered air and simultaneously exhausting out all hot and contaminated air from the workspace. Depending on the machinery layout, either space cooling or spot cooling can be designed for.
In areas where higher air quality is needed, Open Space Cooling can be combined with secondary filtration system to meet the higher standards.