G4 Air Filter

Filter the air in your workspace by remove
80% of the air-borne particles.

Air Filtration

Many workspaces in the food and packaging industry are required to be
totally enclosed in order to be free from any atmospheric contamination.
However, when the workspace is enclosed and air-conditioning cannot
be applied due to the presence of heat source, the workspace can be
very unbearable for the workers to stay inside. A practical approach
is to utilize the Open Space Cooling system with an air-filtration unit.

Supply Cool Air
Reduces Dust

We typically combine the Open Space Cooling system with G4 air filtration
which will remove 80% of the air-borne particles larger than 10 micron size
(10 micron size is the size of flower pollen). The G4 class air filter is
made of synthetic material which is replaceable.

The G4 Class Air Filter system
is in accordance with BS EN779
European Standards which filters
80-90% of air-borne particles of
size more than 10 micron.

Sample Projects

Particle Size (μ)


0.5 μ



1 μ



10 μ



100 μ


G4 -Primary


5 %


28 %


80 %


100 %



65 %


88 %


100 %


100 %



100 %


100 %


100 %


Efficiency based on ASHRAE 52.1 – 1992