We Exhaust
Air Out

Get rid of contaminants and heat trapped in the workspace to create a safer environment.

Exhausting Heat Trapped in the Workspace

Typically, when the hot sun heats up the sheet metal roof,
the roof absorbs and retains heat.The heated roof radiates
the heat downwards to the area below and causes the overall
temperature to rise. To counter the heat gathered beneath the
roof, we use Exhaust Fans to direct it out of the building.

As hot air rises, most of the heat in the building will be trapped just under the ceiling. Exhaust Fans can be fixed on the roof or on the walls to remove this heat.

Exhausting Contamination in Specific Areas

A Targeted Approach – When contaminants are actively released in the workspace, such as the release of chemicals, smoke or other irritants on a production line. Ducted Exhaust Systems can be used to extract the contaminated air and direct it out of the environment.