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The Waterline Story

Waterline Systems is the premier provider of Factory Cooling Systems in South East Asia. We are the pioneers of our unique Open Space Cooling System, an energy saving cooling method that uses evaporative cooling technology to cool industrial workspaces. Our primary goal is to improve the working conditions of industrial workers by alleviating heat and making their working environment safer and more comfortable. Since we founded, we have had the privilege of working with some of the largest manufacturers in a variety of industries including food & beverage, household goods, automobiles and various others. Our systems are built for industrial environments such as factories, production facilities, warehouses, logistic centers, and any other industrial steel buildings.

20 Years of Experience

After nearly 20 years in operation, our commitment to customers and our forward-thinking approach have made us the industry leaders in the region. As one of the world’s most dynamic regions, rapid economic growth has turned Southeast Asia into a global manufacturing force. However, with rising temperatures projected to continue, industrial businesses are looking for a practical solution to tackle the heat duress created by the region’s well -known hot climate. Our goal is to help them keep their environments clean, comfortable and safe – raising the overall quality of life among those responsible for our region’s progress.





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Improve the Air Quality in your factory space
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