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We believe that excellence is rooted in its environment. Likewise, a better working environment leads to better work productivity.
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We believe that excellence is rooted in its environment. Likewise, a better working environment leads to better work productivity.

Open Space Cooling
a 3 Step Process

We Create Air

Our Open Space coolers use evaporative cooling technology to turn hot air into fresh, cool air. An energy saving process, this is the most cost-effective solution to cooling industrial buildings.

We Move Air

For an optimum cooling sensation, we use a combination of air ducts and air movement devices to ensure the fresh air channeled into the premise reaches all personnel and equipment involved.

We Exhaust Air

Fetching fresh air is crucial, and so is creating air change by getting rid of heat and bad air. Our exhaust systems constantly extract bad air to ensure the remaining air remains cool, fresh & safe.

Reliability In Thermal
Performance And Operation

The range of equipment we provide are either produced by us or by our partner OEM manufacturers. Our overseas partners fully understand the local climate conditions of our customers and their usage demands, ensuring that our equipment always performs at maximum performance with uncompromising durability.

Rest Easy.
We're System Integrators.

Design Specific to Your Need

Staffed with a team of design engineers, our design capabilities include the application of CFD software which gives accurate prediction of air performance under any given condition.

Professional Installation

Our installation team strictly observes a set of guidelines under the Waterline Standards & Safety that ensure safety to your plant, equipment and personnel.

After Sales Services

Waterline’s dedicated service team provides system maintenance and parts replacement in order to guarantee that every component of your system will always be running at its full potential.

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